Long Island Woodturners

Fostering the Art of Woodturning on Long Island

2010 Monthly Newsletters

Here are the links to our 2010 Monthly Newsletters

January 2010 Newsletter – Cliff Lounsbury (guest turner)

February 2010 Newsletter – Peter Richichi – Turning a spiral finial

March 2010 Newsletter – Bob Brady – Transaxial branchwood turning

April 2010 Newsletter – Don Lindsley – Double natural edge bowls

May 2010 Newsletter – Ed Kelle – Photographing your work

June 2010 Newsletter – Graeme Priddle (guest turner)

 July 2010 Newsletter – Bob Urso’s Studio

August 2010 Newsletter – Steve Fulgoni’s Studio

September 2010 Newsletter – David Besler (guest turner)

October 2010 Newsletter – Less Hoffman

November 2010 Newsletter – Charles Panzer

December 2010 Newsletter– Bill Holland

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