Long Island Woodturners

Fostering the Art of Woodturning on Long Island

Special events

Club member showcase at Old Bethpage Village Restoration

The group has began to showcase a members work in a display cabinet at the entrance to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration for a period of about two months.

The initial display consist of various 22 pieces by Bob Lee. Please check the Old Bethpage Village Restoration webpage for the hours they are open. Currently it is just Friday through Sunday. The current plan is to have these pieces through mid June.


The entrance to where tickets are purchased is in the distance with the cabinet a short distance away.

Members interested in participating in this program should have 12-16 pieces to have 3-4 per shelf. More if small pieces. Contact the club president if interested in a slot.

Long Island Woodworkers 25th Annual Show

Storch Beginners Workshop – April 22nd

On April 22nd, we had our second Storch Beginners Workshop. The first time, we did pens and bowls. This time we did “back to basics.” In other words, spindle work – beads and coves, etc, emphasizing tool control and techniques. Thank you to the turners who volunteered to teach, bring equipment and supplies.

Video of First Storch Beginners Workshop – May 24, 2022

Watch on YouTube

Video of Second Storch Beginners Workshop – April 22, 2023

Watch on YouTube

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