Long Island Woodturners

Fostering the Art of Woodturning on Long Island

January 14th, 2017

Notes for the January 14th meeting:


Our meeting opened with Les Hoffman’s greeting and the following points for discussion.

Les asked for an increase in member participation for our “Show and Tell” at monthly meetings, as well as opportunity for exhibits and displays at outside venues such as libraries and community centers.

Dates to Remember

  • March 15th – BOCES demonstration and Mentor Program
  • April 1st and 2nd – Totally Turning – Saratoga
  • June AAW Show – Kansas City

Treasurer Report

  • Current Balance $ 2,963.63
  • Dues for calendar year 2017 were due January 14th

General Business

  • Vintage turning magazines and books @ a cost of $5.00 per book and $1.00 per magazine
  • Smocks are being ordered through AAW supplies @ a cost of $ 35 – $40 with logo
  • Shirts and patches still available – Contact Steve F for size availability

We Welcome two New Members

  • Fred Montefurio
  • Larry Robinson

John Kowalchuk will host his next open house meeting on February 7th

Show and Tell

Show and tell afforded members to see the work of our “VETERAN TURNERS” as well as our

“BEGINNING TURNERS”.  The Participants and their creations are listed below

  • Ken Deaner – Two “Winter Carnival” hollow forms
  • Les Hoffman – Minorah – Ash Wood

AAW Project – Flat Bowl

Ash Bowl

  • Joe DeMaio – Bowl with lid – Varied woods, Maple, Purple Heart and Ebony
  • Bob Ursu – Walnut Platter
  • Don Lindsley – 5 piece bowl set

Copper Beach – “Wing Bowl”

Candle Holders

  • Paul Mac Menamin – Three piece Shaving Kit and Soap Bowl
  • Charles Lilly – Charles shared his learning experience with a presentation of 3 bowls. He stated

That the bowls were a beginning to his quest for knowledge.

  • Martin Rost – Walnut Bowl



Today’s presenter, Pete Richichi, shared a technique known as “Inside Out Turning”.  Pete’s experience, knowledge and sense of humor afforded us an opportunity to be entertained while we learned.

The basics of “Inside Out Turning” as Pete explained are as follows:

  • Preparation of 4 equal segments
  • Assembly of segments
  • Preliminary design and turning
  • Project evaluation and redesign
  • Glue techniques
  • Finishing

Plans and instructions are available on AAW’S website and in the last issue of AAW’s magazine.

Thank you Pete, it was enjoyed by all.

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