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February 11, 2017

Notes for the February 11th, 2017 meeting:


Our meeting opened with Les Hoffman’s greeting and the following points for discussion.

Our next meeting will be March 11th, 2017 at 9 a.m. (doors open 8 a.m.) and our guest demonstrator will be Dennis Fuge, a professional woodturner.  Dennis has been turning fr 40 years and will be demonstrating his techniques for turning platters along with a demonstration of pyrography.  He will start the demo with a slide show of his recent work.  You can find out more about Dennis at his website http://www.timeforyou.net

Lunch will be provided and the cost of the meeting will be $30

Our Meetings

Our meetings consist of a brief business meeting followed by a “Show and Tell” of member’s recent work and a demonstration by members or guest turners.  All of our activities promote woodturning and provide opportunities for members to improve their skills. A wood and/or tool raffle is held at each meeting.  A free video and text library is available for member’s use.  Workshops are also held at member’s shops.  See the Club Calendar for dates and times

Our club website is www.liwoodturners.org.

Our next three schedule meetings are:

  • April 22nd
  • May 20th
  • June 17th

Dates to Remember

  • March 15th – BOCES demonstration and Mentor Program
  • April 1st and 2nd – Totally Turning – Saratoga
  • March 21st – Closing of the 58th Annual Art League of Long Island Show
  • June AAW Show – Kansas City

Treasurer Report

  • Current Balance $ 3,355.49
  • Dues for calendar year 2017 were due January 14th
  • At the March 11 meeting, Joe will be collectiing $30 from each attendee to cover the cost of the demonstrator and lunch.

General Business

  • Les reminded membership that Barry will need lathes for the BOCES “Teach In”
  • Totally Turning will be held in Saratoga April 1st and 2nd.
  • The annual club dinner will be held in May, more information to follow.
  • Shirts and patches still available – Contact Steve F for size availability
  • Two items were auctioned and proceeds given to the Treasury
    • Nick Cook Peppermill
    • Set of tool rests donated by Don Lindlsey


Show and Tell (See Below)

Demonstration – Scrapers and Scraping Techniques

Don Lindsley – Presenter

To start the demonstration, a well prepared sheet was distributed with images of scrapers and basic principles of scraping for successful turning.  Don’s attention to detail was evident in the format and sequencing of the process.  He followed with a hands on demonstration to differentiate between scraping and cutting.  He stressed the importance of getting “fluff” not “chips”.

Audience participation was encouraged and four member took advantage. No reputations were ruined, only lessons learned.

Don also enlightened us with a technique using a gouge as a scraper.  The gouge was reversed and it offers an alternative method of scraping. (something new and worth a try).

There was also a demonstration with samples of scrapers that were ground to a “negative rake”.  Several scrapers were presented that were ground to produce a slight angle on the top surface of the scraper, thus producing a “negative rake”.

It was pointed out that scraping is intended to be a finishing technique and not a process to remove wood.  His finesse and gentle movements were evidence of his skill and preparation.


Here are some photos of the Show & Tell.  We had a great turnout.


NAME:                 Bob Urso                                             NAME:                Charlie Felsen

TITLE:                  Platter with 13 eggs                         TITLE:                  Box       

WOOD:                Box Elder Walnut                             WOOD:                Elder    

FINISH:                Various                                               FINISH:                 Helmsman Spar Urathane



NAME:                  Les                                                         NAME:                  Les

TITLE:                    Flat Rim Bowl                                    TITLE:                    Footed Bowl

WOOD:                 Amb. Maple                                       WOOD:                Elm

FINISH:                 Wipe on Poly                                     FINISH:                 Salad Bowl Finish



NAME:                  Les                                                         NAME:                  Les

TITLE:                    Flat Rim Bowl                                    TITLE:                    Cup

WOOD:                Ash                                                        Wood:                  Ambrosia Maple

FINISH:                 Wipe on Poly                                     FINISH:                 Salad Bowl Finish



NAME:                  Barry Saltsberg                                 NAME:                  Barry Saltsberg

TITLE:                    Tattered Lace                                    TITLE:                    Hollow Form with Finial

WOOD:                Cherry                                                  WOOD:                Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Satine

FINISH:                 Lacquer                                                FINISH:                 Lacquer



NAME:                  Barry Saltsberg                                 NAME:                  Barry Saltsberg

TITLE:                    Pretty Bowl                                        TITLE:                    Bowl

WOOD:                Maple                                                   WOOD:                Tupelo, stone

FINISH:                 Oil-Varnish (Tung oil finish)        FINISH:                 Oil-Varnish (Tung oil finish)



NAME:                  Peter Richichi                                    NAME:                  Peter Richichi

TITLE:                    Walnut Deep Bowl                          TITLE:                    Vortex Bowl (First Try)

WOOD:                Walnut                                                 WOOD:                All Kinds

FINISH:                 Wipe on Poly                                     FINISH:                 Shella Wax



NAME:                  Brian Roth                                           NAME:                  John Kowalshuk

TITLE:                    Door Knob                                          TITLE:                    2 Segmented Vases

WOOD:                                                                                WOOD:                Purple Heart/Curly Maple

FINISH:                 CA Glue                                               FINISH:                 Minwax wipe on Poly

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